Beauty, function and sustainability in an age of austerity


This two-day CPD event addresses the highly topical question of how landscape architects can continue to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes at a time when budget constraints, particularly in the public sector, could lead to a reductive focus on function.

The conference will be hosted in Sheffield in partnership with the University of Sheffield’s Department of Landscape. The two days will include thought-provoking talks and a selection of breakout CPD sessions on specific and practical. Site visits on Friday will enable you to see some of the most interesting recent landscape projects in and around Sheffield, while the dinner and drinks reception will give you ample opportunity to network and socialise.

Sessions on Thursday 3 March:

- Where do our concepts of beauty in the landscape come from?

- The pursuit of beauty: incidental or integral to landscape architecture?

- Does a focus on function lead us to neglect beauty?

- Do communities have a right to beauty in an age of austerity?

- What is the role of beauty in planning and reviewing landscape?

Sessions on Friday 4 March:

- Soil specification and testing.

- The sublime and the picturesque in the contemporary context.

- Using green walls in the urban environment to deliver ecosystem services.

- Building Green Bridges: creating a connected landscape.

- Inclusive Public Realm – an update on the dos, don’ts and legislation.

- The benefits that trees can bring to Urban Futures, Alan Simson

- Closing the gap: how to select trees.

- Understanding the pathways to health and wellbeing in natural environments and exploring the implications for landscape planning and design.

- Attracting attention: beautiful yet functional pollinator-friendly plantings in a changing world.

- Fractured landscapes: hydraulic fracturing in the LVIA.

Design for Play: how to create playful landscapes.

- Drawing for Landscape Architecture: from sketch to screen to site.

- Developing and asset management based approach to existing parks and greenspace systems.

- Controversial benches: the delicate art of sitting outside.

For more information about this Landscape Institute Annual Conference or to book, please click here.