What is the role of architecture in the political economy ​of infrastructure?


In recent months, architecture and the built environment have been put at the centre of political debates on both sides of the Atlantic in discussions that extended from better investment in infrastructure to the physicality of national borders. In the UK, infrastructure development relies heavily on the private sector for investment and delivery. According to the Institute for Government, decisions about infrastructure involve long-term commitments and require the government’s involvement to develop policy and regulatory frameworks. 

In this context, what is the role of architects and designers?  With vast infrastructure systems set to affect the way we live for years to come, it is crucial for architects and designers to mediate the relationship between aspirations of the country’s citizens and long term policies of the state.

Speakers include:

- Eime Tobari, associate director at Space Syntax

- Mark Middleton, managing partner at Grimshaw Architects

- Clare Donnelly, director at Fereday Pollard

- Hilary Satchwell, director at Tibbalds (chair)

More speakers to be announced.

Architecture and Citizenship explores the relationship between politics and the built environment with the aim of helping architects become active agents of social change.

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