250 New Towns - the Saturday Club for People with Big Plans to Build

The 250 New Homes club is for everyone who wants to draw, model, or map a place to live. It is a creative meeting point where enthusiasts connect with experts to discuss where and how we could live in Britain. All are welcome.

4 December session - Freeing up land for development

• Duncan Pickard - A farmer's perspective on land prices
• Fred Harrison - Fred Harrison - Effects of the tax and planning systems
• Neil Hook - Enfield Council - Place shaping Enfield's Meridian Water
• Roland Bolton and Neil Osborn - DLP Consultants - Is the green belt around London strangling initiative?

John Stewart sends his apologies because of the snow, and will present in the New Year.

Register to be emailed with times for particular presentations and discussions by contacting Ian Abley.

Bring any drawings you have already started… but mostly bring your ambition to build.