250 New Towns - the Saturday club for people with big plans to build

Britain should be building 500,000 homes a year for the next 20 years. That would be the equivalent to building 250 New Towns. The construction industry needs the work, and a growing population needs a bigger Britain.

You are invited to a Saturday club devoted to mapping 250 locations in Britain that might each accommodate a 21st century new town.

The club is for everyone who wants to draw, model, or map a place to live. It will be a creative meeting point where enthusiasts connect with experts to discuss where and how we could live in Britain. All are welcome.

Register to be emailed with times for particular presentations and discussions by contacting Ian Abley on abley@audacity.org. Look out for more details about the new town projects of interest to you. The index for the 250 New Towns Club is here

You can also download the invitation brochure here


Initial club events will be in the café and exhibition area at the Building Centre. The presentations and discussions will start at 10.30am and run through to 3.00pm. Drop in at any time. A charge of £5 is made for materials no matter when you arrive. We can only accept cash on the day at the reception desk. Bring your own lunch, pop out, or eat in the café.

Forthcoming Club Dates for 2010;

18 September
9 October
6 November
4 December

These are all Saturdays

Bring any drawings you have already started… but mostly bring your ambition to build.

Listen to a discussion of the 250 New Towns Club on You and Yours, Radio 4.