The Architectural Association Design Research Laboratory (AADRL) is the third 'turn' in the Digital Turn exhibition series.

Mon  Fri: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Sat: 10.00am   5.00pm

The Digital Turn has been a physical and metaphorical exhibition platform, demonstrating how digital tools are changing ways of thinking about and producing our built environment.

As the final ‘turn’ in the series, the Architectural Association Design Research Lab (AADRL) will share their current work, practices and research agendas along with those of their graduates, to show how innovative digital design and research tools in educational and experimental establishments are put into practice, changing the conventions of design and fabrication.

The AADRL is an experiment. Founded over twenty years ago as a space to interrogate architecture through design research, the lab aims to challenge the orthodoxies of convention in how we discuss, design, fabricate and live within architecture and urbanism. Their work explores how the built environment could participate and evolve with us, reflecting the idea that architecture can be used as a framework to explore and respond to the challenges of today.

The AADRL was founded by Patrik Schumacher and Brett Steele and led for the last ten years by current Director Theodore Spyropoulos. 

The exhibition and programme of events is curated by the exhibitions team at the Building Centre and is supported by The Built Environment Trust.