Yorkshire Wildlife Park, South Yorkshire

Project: Yorkshire Wildlife Park, South Yorkshire

Speed of construction and aesthetic appearance made Aquapanel Exterior,  from Knauf Drywall, the top choice when creating a South American style Cantina for the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The Wildlife Park in South Yorkshire is one of the top wildlife attractions in the North of England, attracting nearly 400,000 visitors a year to see rare species such as Siberian tigers, Amur Leopards and African hunting dogs.

The park wanted a cafeteria for the South American themed area of the park that would mimic traditional styles with a cedar shingle roof and stone effect walls but speed was vital because !Caramba! had to be ready in time for the Bank Holiday crowds.

Contractor Paul Clamp Plastering specified Knauf Aquapanel Exterior installed on the timber and then coated with Wallcrete stone effect render to achieve the appearance required because he had worked with these materials on other jobs. “I was impressed by the flexibility of the Aquapanel Exterior and how easy it was to use,” explained director Paul Clamp.

“I believe that using this method of construction saved around a week on the job because we could apply the Wallcrete straight onto the Aquapanel render board without having to wait for a coat on the lathing to dry. It’s very cost effective compared to other methods.”

Offering all the benefits of a dry panel system with the strength of brick and block, Knauf Aquapanel Exterior is a robust, non-combustible building panel made of aggregated Portland cement with coated glass fibre mesh embedded in back and front surfaces to provide a trouble-free surface that is the ideal key for render.

It resists water with no swelling or loss of stability, is weatherproof and is unaffected by the freeze-thaw cycle. The board requires no special tools or processes for installation – simply score and snap – and can be curved to a tight radius.