WT Parker Ltd Headquarters, Burton on Trent

Project: WT Parker Ltd Headquarters, Burton on Trent

After launching its new textured Westerland fibre cement roofing products in February, Cembrit was chosen to supply 10,000 of these slates to a leading mechanical and electrical engineering company for its new headquarters in Staffordshire.

Having outgrown its current head office in Burton on Trent, WT Parker Ltd began demolishing the buildings to make space for new headquarters and workshop facility.  The transformation of the new space is part of the firm’s plan to grow the company and create a more energy efficient office building which includes solar panels. Midlands-based construction company, GF Tomlinson Ltd was the main contractor on the project and WT Parker and architect’s Lyall and Lyall  had the task of specifying a slate which could be cut to accommodate solar panels.

“Certain roofing materials cannot be cut easily and could leave the roof looking unsightly” commented David Gilbert, site manager from GF Tomlinson Ltd. “Fibre cement slate lends itself well to this requirement and it was for this reason that we specified Cembrit Westerland slates.  We were able to cut the slates with no difficulty and completed installation quickly and efficiently. As well as this, the texture of the slate is something that was a big selling point for us, and now that the roof is complete, we are impressed with the finished result.”

Fibre cement slates such as Westerland, are an excellent alternative to concrete tiles, where a slate finish is required. Not only do they perform well and are extremely versatile, they can also be cut with hand tools - all that is required is a scribe and straight edge. No power tools are necessary. Fibre cement slates are available in a uniform size, thickness, and shape, the slates are pre-drilled which is useful where clips are included in the roof design, making it quick and easy to fix which saves time on site and therefore lower cost. 

Westerland slate is a good alternative to natural slate as it has a similar appearance. Its attractive riven surface and natural dressed edges make it an ideal solution for situations where a traditional appearance is important. It is manufactured to the highest European standards and is lightweight, pre-holed, suitable for all types of projects. The slate is easy to handle and install, it is durable and offers an economic alternative to natural roofing materials.