Woodland Country Club, Örkeljunga, Helsingborg, Sweden

Project: Woodland Country Club, Örkeljunga, Helsingborg, Sweden

The vision of the Woodlands Country Club have been to combine Scandinavian simplicity with the North American wooden house architecture hence integrating the houses in the surrounding landscape – the ideal conditions for a stay in the great scenery viewing the golf course. 

“We wanted big bays of glass. Few and narrow frames allow the facade elements to be visually connected as a single surface that is both minimalistic and very elegant in its expression. Therefore it was important, that we could avoid double frames with these facade elements, without heavy structures, but still provide the necessary strength”, says Søren Øllgaard.

Another challenge was to fit the houses into the place of natural beauty, without spoiling anything.

“We have chosen materials that have a natural charm when they are untreated and integrate into the surrounding nature gamut. The buildings are on stilts so they hover over the forest floor and slopes, and animals can still walk under the house”, says Søren Øllgaard. The unique location gives residents a great view and the most optimal solar and lighting conditions. The houses are therefore equipped with large PRO TEC facade elements, so the residents experience maximum visibility and the boundary between outside and inside is perceived to be revoked.

It was also important that the windows have wood interior, and the deep pulling arms to brace for wind load - no need for additional steel bracing. The houses have a good indoor climate and are equipped with 2-layer low-energy windows from the PRO TEC Classic Series.

Photo: Henning Larsen Architects / Fotograf: Thorbjørn Hansen, Kontraframe