Wood Energy take a walk on the wildside

Animals, plants and visitors will all be staying toasty and warm at Colchester Zoo this winter thanks to a new 199kW Hargassner Green Heat Module from industry leading biomass experts, Wood Energy.

Founded in 1963, Colchester Zoo now houses over 260 species and attracts around 850,000 visitors each year, leading to considerable energy costs. To help address this, the Zoo chose to have a new Hargassner biomass boiler from Wood Energy installed by Bentley Fire Shop, supplying heat and hot water to a number of animal enclosures including the ever popular Lions and the new Australian Rainbows exhibit, which recreates a tropical rainforest complete with parakeets.

With internal space limited, the Zoo needed a reliable, external solution. This made Wood Energy’s Green Heat Module the ideal choice. The fully containerised unit is pre-packaged off-site and is supported with a Total Warranty covering the coating, structure, insulation and boiler for the entire 20 year payout period of the Renewable Heat Incentive.  

The Module incorporates a wood store and was selected with a 199kW wood pellet boiler from Hargassner, exclusively distributed in the UK by Wood Energy. The top of the range model features a fully factory-lined combustion chamber, automatic ash level indication and a lambda sensor with fuel quality detection.

Once on site Wood Energy Registered Installers Bentley Fire Stop were able to quickly fit the Green Heat Module to the distribution system via a single flow and return connection. Installation speed was a key consideration as Gordon Bennett, managing director of Bentley Fire Shop explained:

Colchester Zoo is one of the busiest zoos in the UK and we fitted the unit at the start of the summer holidays. As a result it was essential that the work was carried out quickly so as to cause the least inconvenience to members of the public and zoo staff. By utilising the Green Heat Module, installation of the equipment is far quicker and reduces the downtime to the customer.

We lifted the Green Heat Module into place with a crane and our fitters working together with Cadman Cranes to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible. Wood Energy provided us with expert assistance on the sizing and spec and all in all it took just three days from the start of the installation, to them commissioning it.

Wood Energy is the UK’s exclusive distributor for wood chip and pellet boilers from leading Austrian manufacturers, Binder and Hargassner.  It supplies chip, pellet and log boiler systems ranging in size from 9kW to 10MW. The company’s team of in-house designers can advise on boiler applications up to 10MW; and skilled commissioning engineers have successfully installed over 100,000kW of renewable heating across more than 400 projects to date - with an after-sales service that ensures both optimum performance throughout the lifetime of a boiler and a guaranteed provision for the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.