Windows & Doors by Totali

At Totali Solutions we take great pride in our work, and endeavour to leave our customers happy and totally satisfied with their new home improvements.

We recently heard from Peter and Kate from Nottinghamshire, and asked how they found the Totali experience…

Peter and Kate were experiencing major drafts from the existing windows and doors on their rural property. We asked them –

When working with the Totali team – what was your experience, did you find them flexible/working alongside you to achieve your dream?
Early conversations where our clear requirement met with Totali’s experience and supplementary recommendation in delivering a successful end result worked well. Once underway we felt confident that we would have the desired outcome due to ongoing step by step updates on the installation process.

How did you find the installation process – the team on site, their communication with you and their efficiency?
Our particular project had some in-built challenges, due to the age of our property. The essential need for the end result to cope with not only a uniqueness of certain windows and doors, but occasional harsh prevailing and contrasting weather conditions; Totali’s approach, knowledge and careful preparation helped greatly.

Once underway, we were particularly impressed by Totali’s attention to detail and desire to leave the finest quality finish.

We valued Martyn, from the New Business team, hands on involvement and co-ordinating presence throughout.

What is your opinion of the overall quality of build and appearance of your new windows and doors?
In a word…Outstanding!
We discovered that the Totali product has clear ‘points of difference’ to other products which may initially appear similar on the market. Whilst the price point reflects this difference, the end result is something we believe will deliver a long term benefit for many years to come.

What would you say is unique about Totali, the services or way of doing business?
From the first point of contact, to the final finished project ~ Totali gave exemplary service throughout involving a number of staff. The opportunity to visit the workshop showroom and make important informed decisions in an unhurried manner is a real USP, which engenders confidence not only in the product, but in knowing your talking to the right people.

Would you recommend Totali to others?

Yes! We have done so already!

Should the opportunity arise, would you use our services again?

Yes we would.