wehkamp.nl department store, Netherlands

Project: wehkamp.nl department store, Netherlands

Zed Land anti-fatigue foam matting, from Plastic Extruders Ltd – Matting division, is being used at wehkamp.nl, the largest department store in the Netherlands in the field of online shopping.

The company felt that the existing mats had worn out and therefore needed to be replaced. Ergo2work, Plastex distributor of industrial floor mats in the Netherlands, recommended them Zed Land, as it is particularly suited for jobs which involve prolonged standing.

Zed Land’s patented foam construction with superior resilience offers 3 times the bounce and better wear than standard foam matting for improved productivity and durability; in test conditions under ASTM D4060, it showed minimal wear after 2000 taber abrador cycles.

Available in either Blue or Grey colours and supplied in 18m long rolls with bevelled edges and 91cm width, the mat allows for a quick and easy installation. Standard module sizes of 91 x 150cm and 91 x 300cm are also available.