Water Treatment Works, Ashford

Project: Water Treatment Works, Ashford

Iron technology leader Saint-Gobain PAM UK, part of leading international materials company Saint-Gobain, has supplied a range of Integral ductile iron pipes and fittings to a major project for Barhale Trant Utilities (BTU) at Ashford in Kent.

The project scope is the refurbishment of an existing water treatment works for Southern Water and involves upgrading and modifying the on-site process units to meet future increases in flows and loads - full flow to treatment (FFT) will increase by 30% from 537 l/s to 694 l/s - and tightening discharge environmental permit limits in line with National Environmental Programme (NEP) consent requirements.

The current population equivalent (PE) is 100,000 which is expected to increase to 130,000 by 2020. The £12,600,000 project is expected to be completed by March 2014.

Accredited to the BS EN598 standard, the pipes and fittings for the project range from DN100 to DN800 in diameter. Before commissioning, Saint-Gobain PAM UK undertook a site soil resistivity survey at BTU’s request to ensure the optimum pipe protective coating was provided to meet the site ground conditions. This soil resistivity survey is independently approved by WRc and not only allows the optimum level of pipe protection to be applied, but also prevents over-specification which would prove costly and time-consuming to the customer.

Saint-Gobain PAM UK helped to identify areas where the design could be amended to improve the pipe installation process and proposed that multiple short length pipes, where required, could be cut on site from full length pipes. Pipe cutting lists and drawings identifying the installation location of individual pipes and fittings was provided by the company for this purpose.

This process not only created a cost saving but also provided the flexibility to adapt to potential changing site conditions during installation.

The Induct Plus training scheme was provided on site prior to the installation commencing. The scheme was delivered by Glyn Hailey of Saint-Gobain PAM UK Technical Services team and covered the handling, storage, installation and commissioning of the ductile iron pipes and fittings. This scheme was undertaken in conjunction with the BTU civil engineering and pipe installation skills to ensure an installation in optimum condition was achieved for Southern Water.

Damian Owen, Senior Civil Engineer at Barhale Construction commented: “I was especially impressed by the level of support from Saint-Gobain PAM UK from the start of the tender enquiry and how this level continued throughout the project. A great relationship has been formed between BTU and SG PAM UK which will only enhance BTU’s capability to deliver these types of project in the future.”

Gary Bush, Contracts Manager at Saint-Gobain PAM UK, commented: “We understand that collaboration between suppliers and contractors is critical to deliver best outcomes and we are very pleased to have worked with BTU to that effect. This pipeline installation will deliver a high performance solution to BTU, and we are very proud to have contributed to the success of the project.”