Water Fountain Repair, Enfield

Project: Water Fountain Repair, Enfield

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Apolodor was called to a property in Enfield to repair a water fountain.

The fountain was the central focus in an attractive residential courtyard serving several properties but water from the fountain had started to leak through cracks that had formed in the base.

Apolodor removed the fountain head and drained the standing water from the system. They then shot blasted the original defective render to provide a mechanical key for the new render system, defective and loose materials were removed.

All materials were mixed with a slow speed drill fitted with a spiral paddle or forced action mixer (e.g. Baron or CreteAngle). Other methods of mixing are not recommended because full dispersion of Ronafix polymer is essential to the performance of the cured mortar.

The existing rendered surface was dampened to reduce suction and Apolodor brush applied a Ronafix/ cement slurry primer to the base and walls of the fountain pit. While the primer was still tacky the first layer of Ronafix Mix E was trowel applied to the surface, combed to provide a key and allowed to harden before application of the second layer.

Ronafix Mix E is a BBA Approved tanking render mix design which provides a durable waterproof barrier. Ronafix Mix E is also available as a pre-packed product, Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render.