Warwick University, Coventry

Project: Warwick University, Coventry

Warwick University is one of the UK’s leading universities, with a reputation for excellence and a vision to further improve their facilities as the University moves closer to its 50th Anniversary. With Warwick campus recently being voted the best in the UK, it’s of no surprise that the university frequently updates and improves its services to offer their students the highest of quality in all aspects of both study and recreation.

When it comes to their tennis facilities the same can be said and Warwick University offer LTA qualified coaches, organise events for all ages and standards and even offer individual lessons if required. It was obvious when it came to the new tennis courts that compromise was not an option. When upgrading the old macadam courts to synthetic clay, Playrite’s industry first product Clayrite was the surface of choice.

Simulating natural clay courts but without the costs and time implications for maintenance that is associated with real clay, Clayrite offers the ultimate surface for any level, from professional to beginner. The first UK synthetic grass to be classified to ITF Slow Medium pace rating under category 2, Clayrite is sand filled with another ground breaking product. Garside Sands have produced a Terracotta Sand which can be used to replicate the performance of a Clay Court when used in conjunction with a suitable synthetic carpet, such as Playrite’s new Clayrite tennis surface. Clive Martin, Commercial Manager at Garside Sands explains further: “The unique shape and minerology of the sand and the thermal process involved ensure the integrity of the sand surface is thermally altered to create the colour required.” He continues to add: “Both professional coaches and players alike have given the courts a thorough testing and have all remarked on its play characteristics.” This new development means that if the correct maintenance is followed, Garside Sands can offer a 5 year warranty on the sand keeping its terracotta colour.

The project to install the new tennis courts was managed by Chiltern Sports, one of the leading construction companies of hard and artificial sports courts, recreation and play areas. The work took just under 4 weeks from start to finish, as phase one of a much larger project to take part later throughout the year. Kevin Dixon from Chiltern Sport commented: “We are proud to be associated with such successful and innovative products from both Playrite and Garside Sands. For almost 5 years we’ve worked very closely with Playrite and look forwards to the up and coming projects.”

Generally, it is the users of the courts whose opinions matters the most, and all parties were delighted by the workmanship of Chiltern Sports and high quality of products delivered by Playrite and Garside Sands. But don’t just take our word for it, Penny Garbutt, Tennis Development Officer at Warwick University commented: “Once the sand had settled down, everyone who used the new Clayrite courts just loved it! We’ve had players with all different levels of ability use the surface and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”