Walnut Tree Farm, Suffolk

Project: Walnut Tree Farm, Suffolk

The builder Polly Wellings converted and extended a 16th Century chalk barn into a three bedroom residence with a roof constructed from structural insulated panels by Jablite.
Mr Wellings recognised that renovations must meet Building Regulations Part L requirements, so was looking for a roof construction which was simple to install but met with the necessary thermal performance characteristics.
Jabroof SlimFix roof panels by Jablite provided the perfect solution. The system, which has been approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) consists of a sandwich construction incorporating an inner and outer layer of 8mm thick moisture-resistant orientated strand board (OSB) bonded to an insulating core of expanded polystyrene, which provides a 'warm' roof construction. Jabroof SlimFix is being widely specified in major housing developments for its thermal performance benefits as well as its ability to help housebuilders meet their build schedules.
Polly Wellings from Walnut Tree Farm said: "The roof panels were extremely easy to handle and work really well with the rest of the building. We completed the installation of the roof in just two days, when normally it would take much longer. The result is a property that has a traditional finish, but with all the benefits of modern methods of construction."
Around 35 per cent of a home's heat is lost through the roof, therefore Jabroof Slimfix by Jablite proved the perfect solution. These panels can improve the U-value of a pitched roof to between 0.37 and 0.16 W/m?K, in line with Approved Document L of the Building Regulations.
Neil Conway, General Sales Manager for Jablite, explains: "This is the perfect demonstration of how modern methods of construction are not just applicable to new builds, but also to renovations. This type of construction is becoming really popular with developers who need to achieve the required U-values, reduce the amount of waste on site and meet ever tighter build schedules."
Jabroof SlimFix is particularly easy for builders to work with as the product is supplied in a choice of pre-cut lengths, with counter battens and gutter laths already fitted. The barn conversion will now avoid any problems of thermal bridging, because this type of Slimfix roof construction maintains a constant temperature across the entire surface. This is achieved by Jabroof Slimfix having no studs or braces to cause breaks in the insulation. In addition, because Slimfix is structural and does not need any internal supports in means the loft area in completely open, again providing valuable living space.
Jabroof SlimFix is supplied from Class E flame-retardant EPS as defined in BS EN 13163.