Walkway, Villmergen

Project: Walkway, Villmergen

Vynagrip matting, manufactured by Plastic Extruders Ltd, is being used for an unusual application in the Swiss lakeside town of Zug.

The highly slip resistant matting forms a walkway around a residential courtyard above a shopping center in the village Villmergen in order to improve comfort, safety and acoustics. The concrete substrate floor, which also forms the ceiling of the underground car park, was not only slippery when wet but also noisy and echoing.

Flooring contractor Wibatec recommended Vynagrip matting as the perfect solution which offered several benefits.  Importantly, the 15mm high matting straddles standing pools of water while its aggressive and deep etched surface provides very effective slip resistance. This is because its open grid construction encourages quick dissipation and dispersal of water through the surface.  Being non-porous, the matting is also resistant to mould, algae, oils and other liquids. In addition, it is loose laid and will contour easily over uneven surfaces making it safe and comfortable underfoot, while providing high levels of slip resistance and its cushioning effect eliminates the echoing footsteps.

Vynagrip is available in standard colours of red, blue or black with the additional option of black with yellow edge bands for Vynagrip Plus. The black version is manufactured with a minimum of 30% post-industrial recycled material and is fully recyclable, making it a sustainable and environmentally-sensitive choice.  The matting is supplied in 5m or 10m roll lengths, 60, 91 and 122cm wide; individual modules with yellow safety ramping to three sides are available in 80 x 120cm or 100 x 150cm.