VMZINC roof for Unesco World Heritage site

As part of Austin Smith Lord’s design for the full renovation of Liverpool Central Library, the original zinc roof of the Picton Reading Room, built in 1879, had to be replaced. 800m2 of VMZINC® QUARTZ-ZINC PLUS® was installed over much of the original Victorian boarding, a combination of batten cap and standing seam panels being used to satisfy English Heritage requirements for the Unesco World Heritage Site. Details were replicated with the help of the VMZINC heritage service in a design which has provided an energy-efficient, sustainable five storey building to replace those built post-war following Second World War bomb damage.  

The roof terrace has been highlighted as ‘star’ of the project, not least because of the spectacular views it provides and the added visual aesthetic it gives of the rotunda roof and the Grade II-listed neo-classical façade.