Vinçon department store, Barcelona

The lighting department in the Vinçon department store, Barcelona, has installed Mainline for versatile, innovative and powerful displays.

For a department store that prides itself on its own stunning architecture, only the finest fixtures and fitting will suffice for Vinçon in Barcelona. Trailing cables and unsightly extension leads were not an option for the Lighting department then, a requirement which led them to Mainline.

With the mainline system now installed, it has created an aesthetically pleasing, versatile merchandising and display area for the array of lighting products on sale.

The department store now easily reconfigure their spaces for annual sales or for seasonal themes, without the need for external contractors or the use of hazardous extension leads.

“The Mainline product has been invaluable for us since it was installed. We can be so versatile when re arranging our displays; it is difficult to remember how we managed without it previously.”

Sergio Amat, Vincon Director