Architect takes matters in own hands.

Architect Marie Schwaller chose for a minimalistic look when she decided to renovate her private home. She appealed for the Proslide sliding door system with an invisible mounting profile manufactured by Argent Alu.

The villa of architect Marie Schwaller in Le Var underwent a complete make-over in Februari 2016. She took the renovation plans for her own account and followed her own vision: ‘less is more’. The renovated villa located on a hill overlooking the sea, is characterized by a minimalistic look and a modern architecture.

‘The flow between the different spaces needed to be aligned. Therefore I chose the Proslide invisible mounting profile for sliding doors by Argent Alu. I ran into this system through an internet search for an invisible solution for sliding doors which had to be completely integrable in the ceiling as well.’


Hand in hand together

‘The carpenter – Concept Menuiserie -  and the contractor put their heads together to apply this system in the villa. They could use each other’s help very well due to the fact that they didn’t have any experience with this kind of concept. The same carpenter supplied up to 10 doors, all of them made to measure. We also decided to provide one of the doors with a mirror because the Proslide invisible mounting profile can carry interior sliding doors up to 100 kg.’

In addition, Argent Alu also supplied fine curtain rails to integrate in the window fittings so that the minimalistic feel could be remained throughout the whole project.


Luxury villas

The owner of Concept Menuiserie continues: ‘Some doors have a double slow stop. The slow stop systems consists of an activator, which is mounted in the upper room of the profile and a tiltable slow stop damper. Because of this the door panel will slow down gently when opening or closing the sliding door.


Convenient built-in system

The Proslide invisible mounting profile is one of the most recent sliding door systems with a built-in track profile to recess discretely in the ceiling. Developed especially for plasterboard ceilings, it can hold sliding doors up to 100 kg and can be easily mounted and dismounted, even after finishing the ceiling. This rail is available in lengths of 2, 3, 4 and 6 meter.