Victorian Ticket Kiosk, Transport Museum, Cultra

Project: Victorian Ticket Kiosk, Transport Museum, Cultra

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME durable MDF, has been utilised in the replication of a timber Victorian Ticket Kiosk at the Transport Museum, Cultra. Originally designed by Berkeley Dean Wise, Chief Engineer to the Belfast and County Down Railway (BCDR), the replica kiosk has been constructed for National Museums Northern Ireland (NMNI). Rea Timber Craft selected Medite Tricoya for the external envelope of the building, on the basis of its versatility and durability. The new kiosk at is located at the entrance to the Folk Museum.

The Folk Museum, which is open air, celebrates Ireland’s extensive architectural and cultural heritage. It encourages its visitors to step back in time to discover historic, rural Ulster circa 1908. There are original and replica thatched cottages, farms and schools with costumed visitor guides. NMNI was faced with the challenge of replicating a Victorian kiosk to give the correct aesthetic to visitors on arrival at the open-air museum.  NMNI took the step of using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, suggested by David Rea from Rea Timber Craft, working in partnership with AAES Ltd and H&J Martin.

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME benefits from the latest advancements in acetylation technology, which naturally alters the wood’s chemical structure so that water absorption does not affect it. This makes it the ideal sustainable choice for outdoor applications, where a natural, yet very strong and durable material is required.

Having originally specified marine ply, NMNI selected MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, as suggested by Rea Timber Craft. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was used to face the outside skin, mouldings and fretwork around the sliding sash windows. The MDF panel, which can be cut, coloured, sanded, glued, machined and fastened as quickly, smoothly and easily as the highest quality standard MDF, offered Rea Timber Craft the ideal material to work with.  

“We had complete confidence working with MEDITE TRICOA EXTREME due to its incredible versatility and additional weather resistant characteristics, explained David Rea from Rea Timber Craft. The FSC certified MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME was extremely easy to machine and gave us peace of mind that our creations will last for a long time, whilst entertaining many visitors along the way. It is a great material which allows designers and joiners complete creative freedom and offers a host of benefits compared to traditional MDF, while retaining the ease of a lightweight wood based panel.”

“It’s great to see MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME being utilised in the external envelope of a building, the potential for MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is vast,” explains Peter Clifton, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME Product Manager for MEDITE SMARTPLY

“MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is a fully sustainable solution that can be used in applications where wood products may not be the obvious choice. This means that designers can incorporate perhaps a more environmentally sound solution, where they would have had to revert to plastic or metal based materials to achieve the same longevity previously. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME represents one of the biggest advances in panel products for the last 30 years.”

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has been tested by the BRE, to EN350-2 and performs up to durability class of 1, or ‘very durable’. This is the equivalent to teak and more durable than aged oak.