Valuable parking area spanning six stories at The Shard

Project: The Shard, London

“The Shard” soars above the streets of the Southwark district. At 310 metres, this elegant glass complex designed by master architect Renzo Piano is the highest building in the EU. Despite its central location in the immediate proximity of the London Bridge railway station, The Shard is host to a mere 48 parking spaces  - parking spaces that are reserved for office workers and guests of the luxurious “Shangri-La”

The elegance of The Shard doesn’t start in the sky: Lesser known are the six underground levels, each equipped with eight parking spaces where the fully automatic MasterVario R3 shelf system ensures that vehicles are parked quickly, safely and in the least amount of space as possible. This parking solution from KLAUS Multiparking requires 50 percent less space than a conventional model.

"The Shard may have an area of 111,000m2, but only 24m2 of the parking system is visible. This is the total area used to receive the vehicles." - Eduard Nowak, Project Manager at Klaus Multiparking

MasterVario R3 in “The Shard”

Shaft design: 48 parking spaces on 6 levels
Total area: 184 m²
Volume: 2,380 m³
Vehicle weight: 2,500 kg
Car dimensions: 520 cm long, 215 cm wide
Height of the 1st to 5th parking level: 1.57 m
Height of the 6th parking level:1.85 m
Power consumption per parking maneuver: 0.3 – 0.5 kWh
Transfer cabin directly above the storage and retrieval unit

The transfer cabin in The Shard has a total area of only 24 m². The MasterVario R3 is the ultimate space saver, with only 4 m² needed per vehicle. 3 The fully automatic shelf system is particularly ideal for elongated buildings.