Urban House Matteo Nunziati

Internationally renowned Listone Giordo’s sustainable, engineered wood flooring was specified for a Milan project due to its ecological certifications.

Nestled away in north-west Milan, a 200 square meter apartment now stands refurbished and has experienced a sustainable re-design from Italian manufacturers and designers. Listone Giordano were specified to lay sustainable flooring in this luxury apartment.

The value of being green and environmentally responsible was paramount in this project: the apartment benefits from a 300m2 garden and overlooks a lush, green public park. Listone Giordano’s Montblanc flooring – a white oak from their ‘Classica’ collection of traditional strip engineered wooden boards – was chosen to complement the apartment’s proximity to ‘green space’, and to accompany the living area’s large glass doors and windows, meaning light could easily flow throughout the space.

By having Montblanc spread throughout the living area and kitchen, a warm and welcoming environment was created. Underfloor heating could be installed and, by design, the wood flooring would hold the heat of the sun pouring through the apartment’s windows. Low-wattage LED lighting complements the low-impact nature of Listone Giordano’s flooring.

Made from the finest certified French Oak which can be traced to company-owned forests in France, the natural thermal treatments and natural oil finishes make Listone Giordano’s Classica collection a flawless representation of classic flooring. It is an ideal solution for large interior spaces as customisable laying patterns can be utilised – from tableaux and herringbone to chevron and the traditional “ancienne” pattern.

It is these ecological credentials (alongside FSC and PEFC certifications) that make Listone’s flooring the only choice for those looking for a sustainable, attractive, and dynamic flooring solution.