Two Prestigious Homes on Richmond Hill, Surrey

Project: Two Prestigious Homes on Richmond Hill, Surrey

Total Home Environment’s Central Vacuum systems have been installed in two impressive £5 million houses in London. The superb 6-bedroom contemporary designed houses at Carlile Place are set in a peaceful location in the heart of Richmond Hill.

Harepath, a niche property developer in South West London, specified Total Home Environment’s central vacuum systems because they were committed to high quality design and passionate about environmental issues.Traditional vacuum cleaners re-circulate dust and harmful allergens, such as dust mites, from their exhausts. Total Home Environment’s Central Vacuum removes all of the dust and allergens to a remote collection point dramatically improving the quality of the air in the home, making it a healthier place to live.

Peter Whiteway of Harepath, commented, “We required a vacuum system that would enhance the specification of an expensive house in one of London’s best areas. Total Home Environment’s Electrolux Central Vacuum system is efficient, makes vacuuming easier and requires little maintenance.”

With a central vacuum, there is no clumsy vacuum cleaner to carry - just insert a lightweight hose into one of perhaps only three wall inlets that are strategically placed in hallways, which saves lugging a heavy vacuum up and down stairs, damaging skirting boards etc in the process. Dirt and dust is collected in an appliance, usually located in a garage, utility room or cupboard, which only requires emptying once a year.

Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners, with a central vacuum, you can hear yourself speak and no dust is allowed to re-circulate, leaving your home cleaner and healthier, especially for dust allergy and asthma sufferers. Despite having more suction power than a conventional vacuum, the central vacuum system has a specially designed motor that uses less electricity and can perform effectively for 20 years or more.

Peter continued, “Once installed, the system is very easy to use and maintain. It is very light and quiet, we are very happy with the results. In our experience people are delighted with them and that is good for our business.”

The houses also showcase state-of-the art green technology, hi-tech audiovisual and security systems.
Harepath has previously used Total Home Environment’s products in Garden Road, Richmond. Their Genvex Combi 185 system was installed into each of the 77 flats to provide ventilation, heating and domestic hot water in an all-in-one integrated appliance