Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing plant, Derbyshire

Project: Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing plant, Derbyshire

Upgrading the experience for visitors to Toyota’s vehicle manufacturing plant in Derbyshire, a set of TORMAX bi-parting glass automatic doors were installed to provide easy access between the Visitor Centre and the factory for the electric tour train.  TORMAX advised using their advanced IP-65 rated operator as the door had to be mounted externally due to positioning of structural steel mullions.  “TORMAX worked successfully with the main contractor to install the entrance system within a tight two-week deadline, ensuring it was ready for a large 20 year anniversary celebration event attended by 50 VIPs,” comments Ian Clemson, Principal Engineer, Facilities and Environment at Toyota. “The new automatic sliding door system is a practical addition that also adds aesthetic prestige”. 

The TORMAX entrance incorporates a concealed induction loop that will be activated by the tour train to automatically open and close the glass doors, allowing safe entry and exit from the Assembly shop.

The IP-65 rated sealed units are designed to deliver ongoing performance in a range of challenging environments including swimming pools, clean rooms and even hospital operating theatres which need to be pressure-washed.  Manufactured to be corrosion-free these superior operators also allow automatic access to be installed in salt-laden air such as on cruise ships.

“The entrance looks suitably impressive and has received positive comments from visitors,” explains Paul Lawson, Area Manager for TORMAX.    “A second TORMAX entrance is due for installation shortly”.