Town centre, Castlebar

Project: Town centre, Castlebar

Killcross Construction Ltd. complete a £2 million regeneration project using Ultrascape’s Mortar Paving System, helping keep a market town’s growth on track.

Castlebar is the capital of Ireland’s 3rd largest county, Mayo. The town’s administrative seat and busy market tradition, makes it one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland. Civil contractors, Killcross Construction Ltd. were commissioned to complete the regeneration project spanning 2000m² and totaling a £2 million investment.

The streets improvement programme involved the construction of new footpaths, which were laid with a mixture of natural stone slabs and concrete slabs and setts; many of which included recessed covers. A number of traffic tables were incorporated into the design of the streets, due to the significant amount of traffic the capital town receives.

Such a range of constructions required reliable and cost-effective solutions. Ultrascape provide a range of bedding, jointing and sealing materials suitable for such street improvements. Ultrascape was Killcross Construction Ltd.’s preferred choice for Castlebar.

The new footpaths and traffic tables were constructed using Ultrascape’s BS 7533 compliant mortar paving system. Consisting of Pro-Bed HS bedding mortar, Pro-Prime slurry primer and Flowpoint flowable non-staining grout, the system was efficiently used by the contractors to bed and grout the natural stone slabs.

Where the concrete slabs and setts were laid, Ultrascape’s newest addition, PaveJoint ready to use jointing compound, was used to provide a solid joint, that prevents future weed growth and protects from aggressive street cleaning. PaveJoint was preferred for the concrete paving as the joint widths were very narrow. The product can accommodate joint widths from as little as 2mm.

Ultrascape EP-R9 resinous mortar was then recommended for the many recess covers across the town centre. It provides exceptional strength and bond for areas under high stresses – such as excessive traffic flow or near water features. Sand and cement mortars have difficulty resisting the inherent ‘flex’ of covers under traffic loading and also have equal difficulty bonding to the steel of the cover itself. EP-R9 offers a lasting solution that overcomes these issues.

The entire town centre project was completed in under 3 months and has helped to improve Castlebar’s reputation as a town of charm, whilst maintaining its bustling markets.

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