TORMAX Unfolds

The head offices of housing association Plus Dane in Ellesmere Port, welcomes staff and visitors with a smart TORMAX automatic folding entrance system.  Originally vacant office space in the centre of the town, it was important that the refurbished facility was fully DDA compliant, ensuring good access for all users.  A space-saving solution that can be installed in opening widths of just 90cm, the TORMAX TOP FOLDOR was specified for the existing narrow entrance.

The Ellesmere Port offices have been the Plus Dane base since July 2012, when the organisation took over the provision of housing management services for 5,800 homes owned by Cheshire West and Chester Council in Ellesmere Port and Neston.

Where lack of space dictates that neither a sliding nor a swing door can be considered, an automatic folding door provides an ideal solution. Its particularly compact construction makes this type of door the complete space-saver which is also perfect for retro-fitting during conversions or renovations. Maximising opening space, the four-leaf folding principle of the TORMAX TOP FOLDOR,  effectively reduces the swivel range to just half of that of a conventional two-leaf swing door.   Sophisticated engineering ensures the FOLDOR opens smoothly from the centre, quickly and silently, every time.

Fitted with both vertical and horizontal threshold sensors, as well as a sensitive auto-reverse feature, which comes into operation when any obstacle is encountered during opening or closing, the FOLDOR delivers outstanding safe operation.

The TORMAX entrance to the Ellesmere Port offices of the Plus Dane Group delivers not only DDA compliance but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint.  With simple-to-operate controls, hold-open times and opening and closing speeds can easily be adjusted to match weather conditions and the level of foot traffic, effectively minimising heat loss from the reception area.