Timeless contemporary flooring design for Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall Restaurant

Overlooking the beach at Watergate Bay on the north coast of Cornwall, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall restaurant underwent a major refurbishment in 2013, investing £400K on creating a stunning new look for the restaurant and developing a new kitchen. Three years later, the hardwearing flooring has stood the test of time and is still as striking and vibrant as when it was first installed.
Absolute Design was given the task of transforming the restaurant to create a more colourful and contemporary space. Inspired by a new wave of expressive art, ‘Pop Surrealism’, Newquay artist, Ben Allen was invited to project, spray and paint onto a blank white wall canvas transforming the restaurant into a work of art.
The designers wanted to create an equally striking flooring installation to tie in with this new concept and complement the bold, bright walls. Tarkett’s stylish and contemporary flooring was selected to meet this objective. The result was a bespoke LVT flooring installation featuring a mix of iD55/70 Patine black and beige tiles. The tiles were cut into small triangular shapes and carefully positioned to create a modern pop-art-style flooring pattern covering 80m2 in the main restaurant area. This helped to achieve a fresh and quirky environment for diners to enjoy.
Matthew Thomson, Chief Executive of Fifteen Cornwall and The Cornwall Food Foundation, said: “We received lots of great feedback when we first re-opened following the refurbishment. Three years on, we are still really pleased with the final result. It is a truly stunning, timeless design and still looks just as fresh and contemporary as it did when it was first installed. Even now our customers often comment on the striking flooring pattern.” As well as creating bold and stylish results, Tarkett’s LVT flooring is also made to last. Since the initial installation, the hardwearing and durable flooring has proven it can stand the test of time, requiring minimal maintenance. As time passes, the bespoke design still withholds a modern and vibrant feel, showing how great style never fades.