The wow factor for the kitchen

The elimination of power black-spots, coupled with a clean visual aesthetic, were the main reasons behind one customer installing over 10 metres of Mainline in his latest Kitchen renovation project.

Parool Patel, a property developer based in London, installed the Mainline system in three of his executive properties, with two more planned, and even in his own home. He believes the system is an absolute must for cost conscious property developers and architectural specifiers.

“The Mainline system looks funky, has a modern application and has low installation costs. It’s a system that can be used in most household locations to provide mains power with a clean visual design. The cost of track and the sockets is far cheaper than the cost of an electrician installing three to four double sockets along one wall. The sleek track was ideally suited to my ultra-modern kitchen and it brings a real wow factor to the cooking area. The electricity comes to me rather than having to huddle around one standard double socket in an inconvenient corner.”

Parool Patel, Property Developer