The Range, Warrington

Project: The Range, Warrington

The Range is a nationally operating chain of stores offering a variety of mid-priced goods for the modern home, including do-it-yourself, homeware, furniture, lighting, arts and crafts and garden products.

Founded in 1980, initially as a market stall, by entrepreneur Chris Dawson, who opened his first superstore in Plymouth in 1989, the chain of stores now spans the UK.

The latest store on a retail park in Winwick Road, Warrington, which opened at Easter 2013, was formerly a fitness centre. This 7800m2 store required extensive refurbishment to turn it into the high quality retail space required by the company. This included the filling in of four old swimming pools to provide a retail floor, and the removal of a 400 metre running track which had been housed on a mezzanine level.

Project Overview

Heating was previously provided by a 12-year old gas boiler. However, when the building changed use to a retail outlet, there were new requirements for heating and cooling. CDS Group Services, which has a longstanding partnership with The Range, required a solution to provide the right levels of climate control, balanced with energy efficiency.

The Solution

A highly energy efficient integrated solution has been installed at the new Warrington store for The Range. The Daikin solution provides heating and cooling for customers and staff . The installation covers back of house areas’ and across the shop floor.

VRV III Heat Recovery was installed at the back of the shop connected to a Low Temperature hydrobox, a 200 litre hot water tank and VRV fan coil units serving the offices. A heat recovery unit (VAM) was also installed supplying fresh air to the back of house.

VRV IV Heat Pump was installed to serve the shop floors along with Self Cleaning Roundfl ow Cassettes. The lift motor room was fitted with a Daikin Sky Air Seasonal Smart condenser to provide high levels of seasonal efficiency. This system was chosen as long piping lengths can be accommodated. Evaporating and condensing temperatures can also be altered to further enhance energy efficiency levels.

A total of seven twin module VRV IV heat pump condensing units were fitted internally to the shop floor with 71 self cleaning cassettes. Whilst air conditioning is often set to a nominal 21 degrees, the VRV IV heat pump is set to operate within a set temperature band to save energy. Heating is also uninterrupted during defrost to ensure continuous comfort.

The Self Cleaning Roundfl ow Cassettes provide either heating or cooling with a 360º air discharge for uniform air fl ow and temperature distribution. Maintenance is simplifi ed and energy efficiencies increased with automatic daily filter cleaning. Twice a year vacuum cleaning is recommended which can be carried out without opening the unit. The units are discretely inset within the ceiling incorporating simple decorative panels for aesthetic purposes.

A Daikin RTD intelligent retail control system sets the temperature parameters for system operation and thermostat cut off . The temperature band can be widened to save even more energy.

The building’s systems are controlled by the i-Touch Manager which provides detailed monitoring and easy system operation with accessibility to current and historical energy consumption performance data. This can be monitored remotely across the internet with adjustments to system operation possible. Thei-Touch Manager has also been set up to control the lighting and extractor fans enabling multiinstrument control via one unit for simplifi cation of building services.

VRV technology

VRV systems are designed as a holistic building solution for heating, air conditioning and hot water requirements.

Because of VRV’s modularity, systems can be introduced zone by zone and tailored to the client’s requirements. Each floor, or even each room can be individually controlled to maximiseenergy efficiency and prevent energy waste. Therefore it is ideal in a retail environment where different zones may be occupied at different times.

VRV varies the refrigerant volume within the system to match the building’s precise requirements at any moment, so that only the minimum level of energy is required to ensure that each area maintains its set temperature, thus saving energy costs and reducing carbon emissions. Indeed, the very latest generation of VRV heat pumps incorporates variable refrigerant temperature control, which automatically adapts the system to the individual building and climate requirements, for even greater energy efficiencies.

Heat pumps can work alongside other sustainable measures including solar thermal and ventilation technologies to maximise indoor comfort levels and to provide optimum energy efficiency levels.

The team behind the project

CDS Group Services, a commercial interiors specialist and manufacturer has enjoyed a long standing partnership with The Range and has been responsible for their new stores since 2005, together with refurbishments of existing stores across the UK. Their in-house mechanical teams at CDS have completed a bespoke training course run by Daikin UK to enable them to specify and fi t the heat recovery system.

Brad Hurter representing the CDS Group, commented:

“We were very happy to work with Daikin UK to incorporate one of the latest fully integrated renewable systems that would provide heating, hot water, and air conditioning allowing The Range at Warrington to have a fully controllable system with operation fl exibility according to requirements.”


The Daikin VRV heat recovery system met the needs for heating and cooling with a combination of fully integrated systems provided to meet client requirements. The Daikin system installed at The Range in Warrington off ered a complete solution for climate control including the provision of fresh air ventilation and heat recovery.

The inclusion of the VRV IV heat pump provided a highly efficient system, with a 28% increase in efficiency compared with the VRV III heat pump model, as the Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology allows continuous adjustment of the refrigerant temperature to the actual temperature and capacity needed, thus providing optimal seasonal efficiency at all times. From June 2013 VRV IV has qualifi ed for ECA approval.

The system can be further enhanced at a later stage if customer requirements change. For instance, air curtains could be added to the doorways.

Projected Cost Savings

Estimated savings have been simulated, based on previous installations. Energy use of the Daikin VRV IV heat pump system has been compared with the previous Daikin VRV III model.

The following assumptions are based on the installation at The Range, in Warrington for the VRV IV system with 71 Self Cleaning Roundfl ow Cassettes and controlled by the RTD-20 (retail economiser). From June 2013 RTD-20 has qualified forECA approval.


Criteria VRV III (with standard cassettes) VRV IV (with selfcleaning cassettes and RTD control) Savings made by using VRV IV with self-cleaning cassettes & RTD control
Running costs of VRV III & VRV IV over one year, based on 10p per kW £67,421.28 £35,776.22 £31,645.06
Running costs of VRV III & VRV IV (if costs increase by 1p per kW) £74,163.41 £39,353.85 £34,809.56
Running costs of VRV III & VRV IV over 5 years (if prices static) £337,106.40 £178,881.10 £158,225.30
Running costs of VRV III & VRV IV over 5 years (if prices increase by 1p per year) £404,527.68 £214,657.34 £189,870.34