The perfect loft ladder for a challenging sloped ceiling loft hatch

Anyone with a sloped ceiling loft hatch will appreciate the difficulty of finding a suitable loft ladder. Furthermore, the problem is even worse when the hatch is positioned over a staircase. This is exactly the problem faced by Michael Hall, who needed an easy to operate loft ladder to provide safe access to the loft space in his home.

Access to Michael Hall’s loft space is via a sloped ceiling loft hatch, located over the staircase. A wooden sliding loft ladder was fitted to the loft floor behind the loft hatch. This was heavy and cumbersome to operate. Also, when stowed, the sliding loft ladder took up a lot of floor space in the loft.

Therefore, an alternative ladder was required. Michael wanted a robust and easy to operate loft ladder, so began to search the internet for alternative options. It became apparent that a concertina ladder was the best option and after further research Michael felt that the products on offer from Premier Loft Ladders were the best on the market.

“I was very impressed by your speed of response, and the professional nature of your responses. This gave me confidence in your company and product.” - Michael Hall

The Elite Vertical loft ladder

The Elite Vertical loft ladder was chosen because it features a highly engineered counter-balance system. Consequently, it is easier to operate, as well as being safer. In addition, the Elite is designed for heavy duty use (rated to 200kg per tread). As such, it is particularly robust and rigid. These were key features of Michael’s existing wooden ladder that he particularly liked.

Another benefit of the Elite Vertical is that it could be adapted to suit Michael’s needs. Michael’s ladder was specially manufactured with just 7 treads, giving it the optimal tread rise and angle. It was also designed with slightly narrower treads (300mm wide instead of 350mm) to ensure it did not hit the balustrade.

“I am delighted with the ladder. The operation is easy and the ladder is sturdy and well engineered – exactly what I was looking for.” - Michael Hall

The results…

Michael’s loft used to be difficult to access. However, the Elite Vertical now provides quick and easy access. It is also much safer. Furthermore, the compact new loft ladder takes up only a small amount of space behind the loft hatch. As a result, there is more free space in the loft.

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