The only way is MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME at Essex houseboat project

When building a new houseboat to reside on the salt marshes of Essex, material specification is naturally crucial. Looking for water resistance, an attractive aesthetic and longevity in the challenging coastal environment, boat builder Barry Jones turned to 120m2 of high performance and extremely durable MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for the external walls.
Impressive environmental credentials, cost efficiencies and visual appeal make MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME a popular specification in modern construction. Supplied to site by distributor R.P. Panels Ltd, 40 panels of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME proved the perfect solution for the new-build houseboat – combining excellent weather resistance, a simple installation and outstanding long term performance.
“The client required a panel system for the external walls that would deliver excellent durability and a long lasting aesthetic,” said Ray Prosser, ‎Director at R.P. Panels Ltd. “MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME provided the ideal solution with its 50 year service life, up to 15 year warranties for exterior coatings and its excellent workability."
To create a uniform and contemporary shadow gap across the exterior, a 20mm x 3mm groove was cut into the panels at 400mm centres. The MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels were finished with three coats of a water-based weathershield paint system, specified in a range of colours from white to light grey to blend seamlessly into the landscape and horizon. The coating also improves the panels’ already impressive durability to ensure the exterior benefits from years of weather protection.

“As a builder by trade, this is the first time I have used MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME and I’ve been extremely pleased with the results,” commented Barry Jones, Houseboat Designer and Owner. “Whereas cementitious-based boards would have made the boat look like a shed on water, the MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels provided an attractive and modern finish that was aesthetically superior to the alternative systems available.”
Ideal for use as a façade, cladding or exterior applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels are manufactured to withstand humidity and varying weather conditions. Due to the proprietary acetylation treatment process used to treat the wood elements, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME has a naturally altered unique chemical structure. This process greatly reduces the ability of the panels to absorb water – creating a stable and extremely durable product with a 50 year guarantee, backed by independent British Board of Agrément (BBA) assessment.
As a high performance and very durable solution for external applications, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is ideal for challenging and aggressive environments. With enhanced natural resistance to the effects of water absorption, it also ensures there is less need for costly maintenance works and the surface remains both attractive and functional for even longer periods of time