The Obel Tower, Belfast

Project: The Obel Tower, Belfast

Geberit’s expertise in providing piping, drainage and bathroom systems was called into action on a prestigious residential development in Belfast. The Obel Tower stands at 28 storeys high, making it the tallest building in the city and features £100,000 worth of Geberit materials within its iconic structure.

The Obel Tower, standing at 88.31 metres high dominates Belfast’s skyline, it took two years to build and was selected by Construction Excellence in Northern Ireland as a demonstration project due to its innovative construction methods. Contractors Blackbourne Mechanical specified several Geberit products for use on site, due to the ease of installation, reliability and durability that they offered.

Particularly suitable for use in tall buildings due to its superior environmental and acoustic properties, as well as being easier to install than metal alternatives, Geberit’s HDPE piping was chosen alongside the manufacturer’s innovative Geberit Sovent soil and waste drainage system. The Geberit Sovent fitting is a single stack drainage system designed specifically for use in high rise buildings. Developed to substantially increase the performance of a soil and waste drainage system, Geberit Sovent eliminates the need for a separate vent stack and reduces the diameter of the stacks in high-rise buildings. The specially designed branch inlet fitting also reduces the pneumatic pressure fluctuations in stacks, preventing the syphonage of traps.

”Geberit products offered significant design advantages with innovation over alternative traditional methods and we were able to solve significant drainage issues with the Sovent drainage system, enabling the project to be approved by Building Control,” explained Giles Hill, Mechanical Director at Blackbourne Mechanical.

The Obel Tower currently stands as the first UK-based project to use Sovent fittings, which allow the use of smaller diameter soil stack pipes and offset self siphonage from the floats, which was a particular requirement from the contractor.

Alongside the piping and drainage system Geberit also supplied more than 330 concealed dual-flush cisterns, ensuring not only that each of the bathrooms within the apartments in the tower features the very latest in contemporary styling with the use of wall-hung sanitaryware, but also that water consumption per tenant is minimalised.

Giles Hill, Mechanical Director at Blackbourne Mechanical, said: “Installing services to the tallest high rise building in Northern Ireland created its own difficulties, so selection of suitable materials was critical to its success. The Geberit products specified more than lived up to our expectations.”