The Oasis Food Court, Meadowhall

Project: The Oasis Food Court, Meadowhall

Food court serving millions, thanks to Ultra Tile rejuvenation The Great Northern Tiling Company were contracted to tile the food court within well known shopping centre, Meadowhall.  The project was completed using ProFlex SP and FlexJoint.
TTA member and long-standing Ultra Tile account, The Great Northern Tiling Company has successfully rejuvenated The Oasis Food Court, part of the Meadowhall shopping centre.  Attracting 25 million visitors per year the centre is one of the busiest in England and its dining area is one of the centre’s great attractions.

Tiling was completed using one of Ultra Tile’s best-selling cementitious adhesives, ProFlex SP.  A single part product, polymer modified for increased bond strength and enhanced performance.  The adhesive allows a 40 minute pot life and for grouting to begin after 2.5 hours.  Perfectly suited to natural stone and regularly used by The Great Northern Tiling Company, ProFlex SP was an ideal choice for fixing the required slate tiles.

ProFlex SP has recently been given a makeover; look out for the product in its new flashy bag!  Due to the product’s popularity and for job suitability, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bag sizes are all available.

The slate tiles were grouted using Ultra Tile FlexJoint.  A product suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 20mm, FlexJoint is simple to use and available in a choice of colours.  To compliment the slate tiles, grey was chosen for use on this project.  FlexJoint is specially formulated to provide a hygienic finish that is mould resistant and water repellent.

Since the project’s completion, many shoppers have enjoyed dining in the comfort of the new inviting food court.

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