The Nirvana Spa fitness and leisure club, Wokingham

Project: The Nirvana Spa fitness and leisure club, Wokingham

The Nirvana Spa fitness and leisure club in Wokingham, Berkshire is making use of a low carbon heating solution from MHG Heating to reduce the energy consumption and carbon footprint of its new outdoor pool and spa development.

The new heating system comprises solar thermal panels, a twin coil solar cylinder for hot water storage and a ProCon 77 gas‐fired boiler. The system is configured to make use of solar‐heated water first to raise the temperature of the outdoor showers and pre‐heat water for the spas. The boiler then provides back‐up heating when required.

Nirvana Spa Director Neil Phelps commented: “We are fully committed to minimising our environmental impact and this installation has helped to reduce boiler energy consumption significantly. It was commissioned in by MHG in August 2011 and has given us very good performance when there has been sufficient solar energy available.

“One of the things we like about MHG is that there is no flannel. They tell you exactly what the system will do, and what it won’t do, so there are no unrealistic expectations,” he continued. In addition to the new system, Nirvana Spa has MHG boilers serving heating and hot water systems in the main spa building.

“Our previous experience of working with MHG gave us the confidence to use their equipment for this latest development. The products are good quality and so is the service,” Neil Phelps added.