The National Trust's Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland

Project: The National Trust's Seaton Delaval Hall, Northumberland

Inside the National Trust's Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland, the combination of traditional tube and fitting scaffolding and OKTOLOK, the modular scaffolding system from Combisafe, has brought visitors face to face with a series of historical statues for the first time in 180 years.

After a fire gutted the main central hall in 1822, its floors collapsed to leave several wall-mounted stucco statues and fireplaces suspended 15 ft above visitors’ heads. To allow stonemasons access to complete vital repair works, and bring visitors close-up views of the statues for the first time in generations, Tiger Scaffolding Ltd was appointed to install a complex scaffolding and ladder system for a 16 week restoration programme.

Tiger Scaffolding innovatively combined the company’s extensive stock of tubes, fittings and timber boards with OKTOLOK fast wedge and ring modular system, Aluminium Beams, Universal Stairs and Ladder Replacement Stairs from Combisafe. With a team of 6 scaffolders on site, the company erected 1855m2 of scaffolding in only 450 man hours – with OKTOLOK helping to cut traditional erection time of in half.

Developed by Combisafe, OKTOLOK combines the speed and simplicity of system scaffolding with the versatility of traditional tube, fittings and scaffold boards. The unique system allows eight independent connections to each node, with unique spacing between each node that ensures compliant guardrail heights and allows for more headroom in the working platform.

As well as extensive range of safety at height products, Combisafe also offers temporary access solutions including stairways and platforms. For easy and safe access between each of the four levels of scaffolding, Combisafe supplied several sets of Universal Stairs and Ladder Replacement Stairs – which have been utilised by stonemasons and visitors alike to gain unrivalled access to the historical architecture.

The Universal Stair is a self-contained, pre-assembled aluminium stair unit that is flat-packed for ease of transport and storage. Once on site, the Universal Stairs can be easily adjusted to suit a wide range of lift heights. The Ladder Replacement Stair provides compact stairway access within traditional and system scaffold structures, with both systems proving the ideal solution to work with Tiger Scaffolding’s traditional tube and fitting systems.

By integrating OKTOLOK with traditional scaffolding solutions at Seaton Delaval Hall, Tiger Scaffolding was able to deliver the complex project on time and on budget. The prestigious National Trust project has further enhanced Combisafe’s reputation for providing innovative edge protection, safety and access solutions for the most challenging construction and restoration projects.