The Maltings, Newport

Project: The Maltings, Newport

Visitors to The Maltings, by developer Land Charter Homes, in the village of Newport would be forgiven for mistaking the characterful front doors for solid timber.  However, professional joinery company, Elmwood Joinery actually completed each door in MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME MDF. The extreme durable MDF enables Elmwood Joinery to produce doors to exacting standards, with the reassurance that they will retain their high quality and professional finish for many years.

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is like no other MDF product. It harnesses the ease of working, speed, convenience and accuracy that MDF affords, combining this with a unique and entirely environmental acetylation technology. This renders the wood in the MDF completely unaffected by the effects of water absorption.

Six front doors have been produced for The Maltings, an exclusive development of six homes,based on the architectural heritage of a historic malting house. Elmwood Joinery provided all external joinery for the project. The MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME doors have the effect of a solid timber, tongue and v-groove full panel. The style was selected to match the village character of the new homes, while the finish – a bright cobalt blue – imbues a touch of contemporary colour.

Elmwood Joinery has been using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME since the product’s launch in 2011. “We have used the material to create tongue and v-groove full panel doors such as this, over individual boards, every time a project has called for this door design,” explains John Kerry from Elmwood Joinery.

“MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME panels are quick to machine on the CNC, achieving the effect of a tongue and groove door in much less time. It also takes a paint finish very well, so the overall result is very sharp and professional. We use MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME for its extreme durability too – once installed we know that the door will never shrink, warp or twist, performing reliably for many years to come based on its 50-year guarantee.”

The stability of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME comes down to its unique production process. MEDITE SMARTPLY produces its extreme durable MDF using FSC-certified, acetylated wood. This process renders the wood very stable, so that it is not adversely affected by moisture absorption.

Peter Clifton, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME Product Manager from MEDITE SMARTPLY says: “There is no MDF like MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME. The effect of altering the wood’s chemical structure, instead of just altering its chemical content, results in a new product that is modified right through the cross section, providing both durability and dimensional stability. These characteristics make MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME a great material for professional joiners – combining the ease of MDF, with aperformance akin to solid aged oak (durability class 1).