The Leadenhall Building – a genuine new icon for London

Project: Leadenhall Building

Designed by the leading architects RSH+P and constructed by Laing O'Rourke, the 224 m tall building is already recognised as a great piece of contextual architecture and a genuine new icon for London, one of the very few buildings that will be instantly identified with the City.

The Leadenhall Building is owned by C C Land and was a joint venture development by British Land and Oxford Properties. The credentials of The Leadenhall Building provide the development with unrivalled integrity, authenticity and quality. It is designed and built to the previous owners, British Land and Oxford Properties’ guiding principle: that a sustainable approach is essential to delivering high quality buildings.

BLÜCHER® EuroPipe was specified by ARUP and installed by Crownhouse Technologies. BLÜCHER® EuroPipe runs from the 400mm diameter stainless steel interceptor all the way to the roof.  The stacks were installed, off site, onto 12 metre modules by Crownhouse Technologies in Wolverhampton.  These modules were taken to site and dropped into place, with the connecting pipework installed traditionally on site.  The canopy that covers the large entrance atrium is drained by a siphonic rainwater system, also BLÜCHER®EuroPipe, that was installed by Fullflow.  BLÜCHER gullies are installed in the plant room areas.

Today The Leadenhall Building comprises 56,670 sq m of office and retail space over 45 floors.

Project facts:

Client: C C Land
Main contractor: Laing O'Rourke
Architect: RSH+P
Specifier: ARUP
Installers: Crown house Technologies and Fullflow
Products:  BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, BLÜCHER® Channel
Construction period: 2011-2015
Location: London, UK