The Khora Architectural Dome, RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Project: The Khora Architectural Dome, RHS Chelsea Flower Show


A striking pavilion is aiming to shift the way discerning garden designers use outside space at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Created by Khora Spaces and fabricated by K&D Joinery, the Khora Architectural Dome is being brought to life using the light weight yet externally durable properties of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME an engineered wood panel to rival the rarest solid wood.

Combining a classical aesthetic with modern engineering, the dome is brainchild of British designer Louis Calmels and takes its inspiration from Decimus Burton’s Palm House at Kew Gardens.  Versatile MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is used in layers to form the envelope, 5m diameter by 7m in height, as well as smaller, more delicate elements such as the cupola of the dome and lintel detailing around the doorway.

With the aim of creating a truly elegant addition to any outdoor space, Khora Spaces describes the Khora Architectural Dome: “Its surface appears to be so insubstantial compared to the volume it encloses that it seems to blend effortlessly into its surroundings, be it a stunning garden or a panoramic cityscape.”

Supplied through James Latham at Thurrock, K&D Joinery has used the product to construct five curved walls. A panel with innate flexibility was essential in order to achieve the elegant rounded shape of the structure. The boards needed to be laminated and the easy machining and smooth surface finish of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME lent itself to the project. The surface of the panel on the external dome was the perfect material to paint over, it gave a top quality finish that only MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME could achieve. This high quality finish is in keeping with the Khora Architectural Dome, which only uses high specification windows and doors.

Andrew Pratt, Sales Manager at K&D Joinery said: “We are very familiar with MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, as we use it throughout our diverse range of specialist joinery. The durability and versatility of it is second to no other wood based panels or even other solid wood options, and it’s therefore suitable for the creation of this high quality, high Value architectural dome. It has been used for so many different elements of the dome because of its versatility, we wouldn’t have used any other material.”  

​The hard wearing, durable properties of MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME ensure that it is dimensionally stable, even in changing weather conditions. MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME product manager, Peter Clifton, explains: “The material is engineered to combine the convenience and environmental soundness of traditional MDF with characteristics more akin to solid oak or aged teak. This means it stands out as a unique proposition for professional joinery companies and product designers, like K&D Joinery and Khora Spaces, who can turn to the sustainability of wood to realise even the most ambitious outdoor projects.”