The Ipswich Golf Club, Ipswich

Project: The Ipswich Golf Club, Ipswich

There’s nothing more rewarding than having a well-earned drink at the nineteenth hole after a round of golf.  Now the members of one of East Anglia’s premier golf clubs can do just that in their recently re-roofed clubhouse, courtesy of Keymer, the oldest established maker of handmade clay tiles in the UK.

The Ipswich Golf Club is a traditional members club with a rich history dating back to 1895, and so it was appropriate that Keymer, with its own long and venerable history, was chosen to provide its handmade tiles for the renovation.

Suffolk based roofing contractor Scofield & Lait Roofing Ltd was employed to carry out the project. Firstly they stripped the original tiles from the twin gabled, pitched roof of the 1928 clubhouse and then affixed 23,000 new Keymer Shire tiles.  The Keymer Shire is produced in three distinctive colours – Heritage, Priory and Downs Red with a full choice of complementary fittings. For this prestigious project, a combination of 70% Priory and 30% Heritage tiles were randomly mixed by Scofield and Lait’s master craftsmen prior to laying to achieve a natural texture on the roof which has transformed the clubhouse to stunning effect.
A handmade clay tile roof cannot be mistaken and certainly cannot be recreated using uniform and unimaginative machine made, or even hand-crafted tiles.

Made from Wealden clay locally sourced from their own pits, Keymer’s tiles are renowned for their beautiful colour tones and inherent quality. Each one is unique, working with the weather not against it - the passage of time only serving to enrich and mellow them.

A Keymer roof is an individual, timeless product – a piece of modern history that will continue the club’s prestigious heritage for the golfers of Suffolk well into the next century