The Iceberg – a unique architectural marvel at the harbour of Aarhus, Denmark

Architect: Architects (Danmark), SeARCH (Holland), Louis Pailard (Frankrig)
Client: Pension Danmark
Contractor: NCC Construction

The Iceberg already manifested itself as an exceptional, aesthetic house building at international level at the harbour of Aarhus and won the prestigious price as Best House Building in Europe 2013.

With its 11 towering peaks in blue-white colours and slanting angles it raises high above the city’s skyline and simulates an iceberg in eternal movement. With its beautiful architecture it is one of the most uttermost outstanding projects that are now transforming the old industrial harbour into an attractive part of the city center. 

A successful international co-operation
The Iceberg is a co-operation between Danish and international architects. It contains 208 apartments from 55-227 m2 spread out on 10 floors. It is broken open in all directions to optimize the harbour view and light – inspired by floating icebergs in eternal departure.

The slanting roof angles give high priority to the view and the light as well. The roof peaks raise and sink in tips and valleys and displace visually from each other so that all residents achieve access to the beautiful panorama view. 

Exclusive materials and uncompromising decorating
The facade is made of white terrazzo in great contrast to the soft, tropical wood on the balcony floors. Inside, everything from the grinded marble tiles to the elegant handleless kitchens bear witness to an uncompromising interior decorating. 
With its prominent position at the outer harbour, demands for the windows’ durability and energy abilities where high. And due to the slanting angles of apartments in two and displacing levels and apartments with double-height rooms, the project offered exciting challenges to PRO TEC as well.

High demands
PRO TEC’s solution are tailor-made Classic+ windows constructed with 2-layers panes complying with requirements to the windows’ U-values. The nice slanting constructions made special drain solutions necessary. PRO TEC developed and tested these at the Danish Technological Institute. 

To NCC, being the project’s contractor, a solid window supplier with delivery guarantee and thought-through, validated quality solutions was an important parameter. This called for product testing documenting the windows’ durability many years ahead in the rough harbour environment. PRO TEC Windows lived up to the demands and are now continuously delivering windows to The Iceberg.

You can also watch a video case from PRO TEC about The Iceberg, where this striking house building presents itself beautifully in words and unique visual imagery. Watch video HERE (spoken words in Danish).