The Hurlingham Club, London

Project: The Hurlingham Club, London

The Hurlingham Club’s new outdoor pool and buildings have replaced facilities which were over eighty years old. They have been integrated sensitively into the picturesque landscaped grounds and are said to draw on the rhythm and scale of the original buildings with materials, proportions, details and accessories in a similar pitched roof timber-framed style. The lido building roof is lifted clear of the changing room façade allowing daylight to permeate the interior through clerestory windows. A distinctive, undulating standing seam system in pre-weathered VM Quartz-zinc® has been used to create the illusion of hulls of upturned boats. The series of elegant, metal-clad vaults ‘float’ at a constant height providing a focal point above blue-painted clapboard changing room walls and white cubicle doors. The design is by Olympic water polo arena architect David Morley Architects’ and involved construction of a new children’s pool, café, remote water treatment store and pavilion as well as improvement works to hard and soft landscaping.
VM Zinc standing seam systems can be used on pitches of 3° or more in widths from 60 - 600 mm. They are ideal for use on timber, concrete or metal decks and can be specified in a compact, warm roof build-up. This system, VM Zinc Plus®, enables the standing seam to be installed without underside ventilation on either cellular glass (Foamglas®), mineral wool or PIR insulation. It is BBA certified, with 0.7 mm thick panels available in either straight or curved profile in zinc’s natural finish as well as pre-weathered Quartz-zinc ® (mid-grey), Anthra-zinc® (black), green, blue and red. Sheets up to 13 metres in length are installed without use of penetrating fastenings on pitches up to 60°. Using Foamglas, VM Zinc Plus can be used in conditions of extreme humidity such as swimming pools, where chemicals can cause damage as they evaporate. Other projects in which it has been used include Eric Parry Architects’ design of a rooftop spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane where an additional floor with a distinctive zinc pitched roof was built over the existing flat roof.

For vented zinc standing seam systems on boards, a 40mm air gap is provided beneath the boards. Pitches of up to 90° can be accommodated, with a breather membrane installed on the cold side of the insulation and a vapour control layer on the warm side. Standing seam horizontal and vertical panel cladding systems are also available together with interlocking, overlapping and composite multi-layer panels.