The Hague , Netherlands

Project: The Hague , Netherlands

The requirement was to open up a roof terrace for regular access while keeping the headroom right up to the point of exit.

1 No. GV Standard Free Standing Box Rooflight
2400mm (span) x 2400mm (width) x 800 (height)
Right Hand Exit

Glass -
Glass: 28mm DGU Comprising of
Outer: 6mm Clear Toughened Outer
Spacer: 16mm Argon filled spacer
Inner: 6mm Clear Low E Toughened Inner
Paint Finish – RAL9010 White all over

Rain Sensor & Access Keypad, once the rain sensor is wet the rooflight closes. The keypad gives the user the opportunity to choose a unique code to open the rooflight from the outside to override the rain sensor.
Remote Control - for remote operation anywhere in the building.
Solenoid Security Bolts - an electronic bolt seal for extra security.

The rooflight was shipped complete and pallated so that it could be lifted by crane straight onto the upstand.