The Gardens of Light, Bournemouth

Project: The Gardens of Light, Bournemouth

The Gardens of Light event arrives in Bournemouth town centre in November. The main attractions throughout the Christmas themed event include the Timber in Construction shortlist nominee Light Pods. These interactive light installations are built using MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, an extreme durable MDF panel, which will ensure they see the event through to the end of January without any damage caused by the weather.

Naturally in a coastal location such as Bournemouth, high levels of moisture, salt and exposed wind areas are an issue. Therefore the dazzling pods require a hardwearing material that will withstand the harsh winter weather conditions. MEDITE SMARTPLY and its MDF product, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME, is involved in the spectacular event as the extremely durable, low maintenance material provides a highly professional finish.

The ten exceptional interactive light installations form a part of the innovative illuminations experience, which is unique to Bournemouth. The free two-month spectacular aims to bring light and colour to the darkest months of the year. Each MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME pod, designed by Michael Grubb, and manufactured by beach hut manufacturers, Ecologic Developments, is unique to delight the sense.

Gregg Dunnett, BID Manager for Bournemouth Town Centre, said: “The material is holding up so well, we are very pleased with the results. The light pods look great, and MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME really does the job. The reaction from the public so far has been very positive!”

MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is not susceptible to the effects of moisture absorption; the acetylation technology used to produce the MDF means that water doesn’t make the wood unstable. Perfectly suited to the location, MEDITE TRICOYA EXTREME is the sustainable wood based alternative to other materials.