The Forward Group Offices, London

Project: The Forward Group Offices, London

The Window Film Company offers an increasing range of window films and associated products, many of which can be used in tandem to create impressive results.


We are able to guide our clients to enable them to create the look and finish they want and require, and were able to do just that in the case of this office recently.


Our client wanted to bring some colour to their glazing, whilst also adding an element of branding throughout the office. For the colour element of the job we were able to suggest our rainbow film, a range of transparent window film that colours the glass without blocking vision. The film is available in a full spectrum of colours and is an effective way of providing an extra element of colour throughout premises without undertaking expensive decorating projects.


For the branded part of the job, we recommended our Frostbrite frosted film. This film gives glass the appearance of sandblasted, acid etched glass and does obscure vision, making it the perfect choice when privacy is required. The nature of the film means it lets a good level of natural light through; ensuring privacy is achieved without sacrificing light. Our range of frosted window film is also very versatile; it can be printed upon in full colour and this is the method we used to incorporate the branding into the job.


Our team of professional fitters achieved the finished look by firstly fitting a band of red rainbow film to the top of the panel, then a band of printed frosted film, followed by a second, larger panel of rainbow film to cover the bottom of the partition.


The Window Film Company has teams of experienced account managers on hand and ready to take your call, each of whom are able to talk you through the various films and your options when installing film to your windows of glass – whatever your desired outcome. To get started, simply give us a call on 01494 794477. We’ll be happy to help.