The Building Centre, London

Project: The Building Centre, London

The Brief:

• To find an entrance system which will scrape, clean and dry theshoes of visitors.

• To find a matting which is strong enough to withstand constant foot and wheeled traffic, including heavy trolleys.

• To find a matting which can easily be rolled up and removed for cleaning beneath.

• To find a matting which will look attractive and enhance access into a high profile building industry centre.

• To find a matting which can be installed quickly and efficiently on-site including fitting within a revolving door.

The Problem

Opened in 1931, The Building Centre in London’s Store Street is the UK’s best known independent hub and information centre for all aspects of the built environment. As part of its refurbishment, the Centre needed a suitable entrance matting to fit the existing entrance which comprises two automatic swing doors on either side of central revolving doors.

The Solution

The specification of Frontrunner Plus for this high profile installation is proof of its popularity and recognition as one of the country’s top entrance matting solutions. This matting offers many benefits over other types of matting, particularly for entrances where there are revolving doors or curved walls, because it can be cut on site quickly and easily without the need for advance templating.

Manufactured with integral absorbent inserts within a heel-proof vinyl grid, Frontrunner scrapes, cleans and dries moisture from shoes while any dirt remaining falls through the grid and is not transferred inside. This dramatically reduces maintenance and cleaning costs, while helping to prevent the risk of slipping on the tiled floor. Importantly, it is also heel and stick proof and provides easy access for wheelchairs and trolleys. Additionall, its flexible PVC construction allows it to be easily rolled up and removed for cleaning purposes.

The Client

Jenny Watt from The Building Centre comments, “The new entrance matting forms a perfect mix of form and function. Its attractive linear lines gives our entrance an updated contemporary feel and the combination of carpet and scraper works well in keeping the interior clean and dry. We’re very pleased with the look and performance.” The Product Frontrunner Plus, available in 85 different colour combinations, is part of the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System. This comprises several mattings suitable for different interior and exterior applications, all of which can be trimmed easily on site to fit any shape. Other options include 100% vinyl Frontrunner Entry, Frontrunner XT for permanent exterior use and Frontrunner Brush for more aggressive removal of gravel, mud or snow.