The Beacon, Newcastle

Project: The Beacon, Newcastle

An aesthetically impressive new facility, The Beacon in Newcastle features a glass frontage incorporating a practical yet prestigious, TORMAX automatic 3-wing revolving entrance combined with an automatic swing door powered by the technologically advanced iMotion 1301 operator.  Creating clear and easy access for all pedestrian traffic, the low-energy door drives positively contribute to the sustainability of the building, effectively cutting energy bills by minimising through-draughts and helping maintain the internal ambient temperature.

Providing a focal point in the community, The Beacon offers a wide range of facilities including conference and leisure opportunities, affordable and flexible office space as well as artisan workshops and a bistro restaurant.  All materials used in the construction were chosen to maximise the potential to recycle at the end of the life of the building, helping The Beacon achieve a ‘very good’ BREEAM rating.

Set into a glass curtain wall from North Eastern Glass, the TORMAX REVOLVEDOOR 5201 combines intense practicality with contemporary aesthetics that are enhanced by the surprisingly slim transom in which the door operator is housed.  Incorporating a technologically advanced programmable logic circuit, the revolving door can easily be set to optimum performance levels using a self-explanatory keypad which allows all aspects of door operation to be carefully adjusted to accurately reflect external weather conditions as well as changing levels of foot traffic.

If an emergency should lead to power failure, the REVOLVEDOOR, like all TORMAX products, can continue to be used manually to ensure unrestricted egress. 

 “With TORMAX you get the complete package - bespoke design, manufacture and installation as well as ongoing maintenance from our team of professionally trained engineers,” confirms Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX.  “With worldwide coverage and over 60 years of expertise, TORMAX really is a company that can be relied on to deliver truly outstanding entrance solutions.”