Tate Library, Streatham

Project: The Tate Library, Streatham

The Project

The Tate Library in Streatham opened in 1890; its building was funded by philanthropist Sir Henry Tate. In 2014 the impressive looking building underwent a 1.4 million renovation. The project returned some of the buildings original features, such as a barreled ceiling with a large skylight which made it a more welcoming place to read or work in. A new community space was built for staging of art exhibitions, theatre productions and other community events.

Ronacrete Approved Contractor CCS Drywall Ltd installed over 250 square metres of RonaFloor Epoxy DPM in the library complex; kiln-dried sand was scattered into the surface of the second coat to provide a key. RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed was then bonded to the cured DPM with a Ronafix and Portland cement slurry primer. RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed was selected because of its quick drying and early strength gain, allowing early return for site traffic and early application of floor finishes, thus preventing a long delay waiting for the screed to dry and strengthen.

The Product & Application

RonaFloor Epoxy DPM provides a surface damp proof membrane which reduces water vapour permeability. It can be used prior to the application of a Ronacrete bonded screed such as RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed and can reduce the length of a construction program because it removes the necessity to wait for a concrete floor to dry before applying a screed.

RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay Quick Drying Screed is a screed additive that is used to significantly reduce drying time, to allow the early laying of floor coverings. The reduction in drying time allows screeds to be laid later in the construction program, reducing the risk of damage to the screed and in the case of a compressed program it helps to allow construction to be completed on time. 


The application of RonaFloor Epoxy DPM and RonaScreed 4 Day Overlay contributed to the speed with which the renovation project was completed and the residents of Streatham had to wait just six months before they could enjoy the benefits of the new library facilities.