Tarkett Flooring Revisited 10 Years and 30 Million Footsteps Later

NHS England has identified a £30 billion shortfall in the NHS budget come 2020. To tackle this, the government has pledged up to £8 billion, with the remaining £22 billion set to come from productivity improvements and cost savings. Long term value, durability and flexibility are therefore of utmost importance when specifying products for refurbishment.

Experienced in meeting budgets, when University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust required flooring for the main entrance as part of a renovation projects, it was imperative the flooring was cost effective without compromising on quality. In response the Trust specified iQ Optima and iQ Eminent by Tarkett. Over 10 years on and 30 million footsteps later, Tarkett’s flooring is still going strong.

An influencing factor for installing Tarkett flooring came from iQ Optima and iQ Eminent’s ‘best life cycle cost on the market’ feature. Stewart Drake, Head of Project Services at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, comments: “Hospitals experience heavy traffic. This means it is essential the selected flooring is extremely durable and offers outstanding flexibility, especially in instances such as this where it is used in C-level, the main entrance.” 

Stewart continues: “iQ Optima and iQ Eminent had the credentials to provide peace of mind. A decade later and the excellent condition of the flooring speaks for itself. In light of the increasing concern surrounding NHS funding that has arisen over the last five years, it was a sound investment.”

iQ Optima, in a neutral grey, was selected for the main flooring due to its linear design, with iQ Eminent providing the border and inlay to offer a contrasting design and further colour options, thus ensuring a visual break up.

Tarkett’s iQ collection also offers cost and time benefits as it does not require wax or polish for life making it ideal for high traffic levels that typically require more intensive and frequent cleaning.

The sustainability credentials of Tarkett’s flooring proved to be a further advantage. Stewart explains: “The Trust recognises the link between sustainability and public health as outlined in our Sustainable Development Management Plan. The plan’s primary focus is on reducing carbon emissions but as part of this there is also an emphasis on recycling and the potential for cost savings.”

The iQ collection is 100% recyclable and features VOC emissions below quantifiable level, providing less than 10 μg/m3 TVOC after 28 days, it provides optimal indoor air quality. Super heavy duty and hard wearing, the sheet vinyl collections comes in a standard 2mm thickness.