Tall Trees property, Leicestershire.

Project: Tall Trees property, Leicestershire.

Haddonstone, the UK’s leading manufacturer of landscape ornaments and architectural cast stone, was commissioned by a private developer to provide the stonework for a radical transformation to the front and rear of the ‘Tall Trees’ property in Leicestershire.
A large range of designs from the Haddonstone range were used for the project, with Columns, Pilasters, Balustrading, Window Surrounds, Porticos, Steps & Risers and landscape ornaments utilised. Two Orangeries were also constructed to further enhance the back of the property.
Haddonstone’s revolutionary cast stone material TecLite was used extensively on the residence. Closely resembling traditional cast stone and natural stone in appearance, the use of thin wall construction and GRC/GRFC technology means component weight is reduced by approximately two thirds when compared with similar Haddonstone pieces.
All three of Haddonstone’s materials, TecLite, semi-dry cast HaddonStone and wet-cast TecStone were used for the renovation due to the wide-range of designs.
The project was looked after by one of Haddonstone’s contracts staff. The company has a 12-strong contracts department to assist all architectural projects, whether large or small, new build or restoration, from design to delivery