Suxy, Belgium

Project: Suxy, Belgium

World renowned Flowpoint, flowable paving grout, has been used to complete a large scale paving project in Suxy.

Independently tested and approved, Flowpoint pointing mortar easily meets the demands of heavily trafficked areas, such as town centres.  This premium mortar is equally as suited to private environments and has been used on many prestigious, and extremely desirable private residencies with excellent results. This 4000m² paving project was is one of those examples.

In northern Chiny, Belgium, the Suxy side of town tends to be unusually cooler. This poses no problem for Flowpoint as it can be applied in temperatures as low as 3°C.

Fast and efficient to apply, Flowpoint flowable paving grout, is suitable for most paving types, including “Gres” paving (used on this project) and can be opened to pedestrians in just 1 hour and vehicular traffic in 4 hours, minimising disruption.

Mixed easily with water, Flowpoint can fill joint widths of 5-50mm and joint depths of up to 200mm in one pour, leaving a perfect, stain-free finish.

With a track record spanning over 25 years, you can be assured that when strength, durability and style matter, Flowpoint is Europe’s number one choice for all paving projects.

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